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Random Principle - Film
S8/35 mm Cinemascope 25min color DolbySR 2011

The experiment with a train set by psycho-physisist Dr. Johannes Hagel relates to synchronicity phenomenons which hardly can be validated. But according to Hagels hypothesis the train set shows the prognostified anomalities after thousands of passes. Finally a broken bulb shows even to the son, who seems to live in a parallel soccer universe, that his fathers experiments have at least far more impact, than assumed.

Romeo Grünfelder combines an uncommon filmic sensibility with a deeply original universe.
PRINZIP ZUFALL ist definitely one of the most fascinating films I’ve seen this year.

Paolo Moretti, Venice Filmfestival

When I saw PRINZIP ZUFALL I was mesmerized.
Mads Mikkelsen, Programmer CPH:DOX

It's not cinema, it's art.
Olaf Stüber, Gallerist Berlin

Great cast, wonderful combination of aerial photos and the experiment. A exceptional narrative, which is quiet rare.
Andreas Platthaus, FAZ


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